Cycling Coaching Newcastle


CYCLING is an extremely flexible exercise system and with guidance from FitRig Coaching Newcastle you can be provided with specific and individualised modifications to cater to your ability. You will get the workout that best suits you and as your body conditioning improves so does the intensity to continue to get your challenged and in the best shape possible.

There are 2 ways for you to get your CYCLING fix!

Specific Cycling Coaching – Want some personal time? This session is just for you and one of our Qualified Cycling instructors. Your session is designed to give you our undivided attention to ensure your pain and movement is meticulously addressed. This is also a great introductory session to cycling to help you to build your confidence and familiarise yourself with the equipment before joining a session with other people.

Small Group –  New to CYCLING? Or quite experienced? Our cycling sessions, held in Newcastle outdoors during all months except winter, ensure you have specific exercise that is at the right level for your current ability and goals. This is a great way to have some social interaction while you exercise without losing out on a bit of highly specialised cycling exercise.

Cycling is one of the most in-demand exercise classes in the wider Newcastle and Hunter Valley area. Our custom bicycle coaching programmes can be customised to meet various levels of ability, it offers so many benefits for both physical and mental health.

Through regular power based cycling sessions, you can increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and body awareness while conditioning the entire body. To get the most from a bicycle session, however, you’ll need to be led by a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced instructor – such as our very own Nick Haddon (Head Coach at FitRig Coaching).

At FitRig Coaching Newcastle in Newcastle, our expert instructors can provide you with specific and individual modifications to cater for each race according to your ability and ensure you get the most from each class, Wahoo Trainer session or your montly programme. That’s why our clients proclaim our classes to be the best cycling classes the Hunter Valley has to offer.

We have built a team of the most knowledgeable cycling Newcastle professionals. However, they don’t just have the experience, qualifications and know-how, they also have that bit of spark and passion that will make you relax, unwind, have some fun and thoroughly enjoy each session.

Book your first session today and start your journey a faster, fitter and healthier self.