Newcastle Triathlon Coaching


Winning local triathlons, competing at Ironman and overally keeping fit and healthy are some of the most common personal goals yet many people see them as unachievable.

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to be apart of Newcastle’s leading triathlon squad. We are the leading provider of personal tri-training Newcastle has to offer. Whether you join us for weight loss personal training, to improve your bike, run or swim fitness, increase your overall strength or as part of our group core sessions personal training Newcastle classes, we will provide you with a persoanlized yet hollistic tailored program to help you achieve your goals.


Here at FitRigh, you’ll benefit from a well known and trusted staff. We’ll pair you with the best personal trainer Newcastle has to offer you and look at your short term goals to get you moving.

We’ll also address some key lifestyle changes and longer-term goals to ensure you stay motivated. What sets us apart from any personal trainer Hunter Valley or any personal trainer Central Coast has to offer is that we go the extra mile to deliver personalised cycling, running, swimming and triathlon plans, taking the time to really get to know our clients.

In Winter, we even host cycling sessions indoors – at the infamous WattShed to help you stay on top of your cycling training.

Your triathlon training weight loss journey begins with a chat with our lead coach Nick Haddon, who is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Newcastle personal trainer and triathlon coach. He will get to know your medical history, understand potential risk factors and take some baseline measurements against which we can track on-going progress.

Then we’ll design completely tailored personal training programs for weight loss, strength, races or fitness goals, whichever applies, to your specific abilities, time and equipment available.


As you continue with the program, we’ll constantly check your progress and ensure you are consistently motivated and challenged. You can check in at any time via our Facebook page or have one on one mobile phone conversations with our head triathlon coach in Newcastle. 

You can pick the length of your personal training sessions per week and per day – 30 or 60 minutes, whatever suits you – and how often you would like to attend. We’ll adjust the program to ensure that you get the most out of each session and can reach your full triathlon potential.

Our clients are always amazed at how we can help them to go further and achieve results greater than they ever thought possible. There just isn’t a personal fitness trainer in Newcastle that can help clients overcome the mental blocks that hold them back like our team can.


Stop your search for a personal trainer in Newcastle right now. If you wanted the most personalised, customised, goal focused personal training courses Newcastle has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today to book your first session – it might just be your best decision yet.